For those employees who are experiencing personal or familial physical or emotional challenges, an individual Health and Dental Plan may be the perfect solution to provide them with the extra coverage they need, so they can be their best self at work.

It’s difficult to admit when you are struggling; an employee who is having difficulty in their home life may not be focused on work. Absenteeism is a real issue when employees are coping with a medical diagnosis, mental health issue, or even loss.

Providing your employee with support in dealing with these real-life situations is key to having a healthy workforce.

Having an open-door policy allows your employees the opportunity to share their trials and tribulations, and providing the resources they need to improve their situation goes a long way.

Added financial pressures due to extra out of pocket expenses when dealing with a medical diagnosis can cause further stress in an already tough situation.

An individual Health and Dental plan can offset the extra cost of mental health therapy, therapeutic treatments, medical items, and more. An individual plan can be combined with a group plan for added benefits or increased maximums, or can act as a stand alone plan for part time, contract or seasonal workers.

Making mental fitness as important as physical fitness will serve to improve morale and reduce absences. Many plans offer the convenience of online therapy and counselling sessions. This means help may be just a click away. Exploring the options for additional coverage to help employees through these difficult times may provide peace of mind for you both.

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