A psychologically healthy workplace is a respectful, productive environment that promotes and protects the mental health of employees. As an HR professional you strive to do everything possible to support the wellness of your workplace. When conflict arises, its critical to address the needs of all parties concerned to re-establish a harmonious working environment.

While you work to identify what is going on beneath the surface in the workplace discord its important to also recognize the employee physical and emotional impacts when a workplace is disrupted and must be restored. A complainant may feel fear, stress, and anxiety and even sadness. The respondent may be confused, feel stress and struggle with workload issues. Their teammates are also emotionally impacted by conflict – often leading to loss of sleep and increase in illnesses.

As an employer you can take advantage of the support features the health insurance you provide contains to tangibly demonstrate to employees your commitment to retain a strong team and practically provide accessible support.

Health insurance helps employees reduce out of pocket expenses for healthcare costs not covered by their provincial government plan, like prescription drugs, dental care, hearing aids, vision care as well as therapy for mental and physical health needs.

A key component to renewing balance in your workplace is ensuring individuals use the tools available to them.

Re-introduce useful features of your health plan to your teams

• virtually connecting to professionals via video consultation, with options for convenient appointments you can attend wherever you are without the need to travel

• access to and coverage for personal counselling

• health apps and portals with educational tools on strategies to cope with stress

• coverage for physical relief with massage and chiropractic treatments and prescription medication

• behaviour management tools including mindfulness and sleep therapy

• other cognitive behavioural support

Health insurance can enable all members of your team to speed up getting care by working to shorten the cycle between identifying a health problem and having a clinical solution provided by a healthcare specialist. It helps overcome financial barriers that may delay or stop individuals from seeking professional medical help they need to rebalance.

If there are gaps in your group health plan, educate employees that supplemental health insurance is available to them to ‘top up’ their current group benefits with the extra coverage features they may need for wellness. Individually owned health and dental insurance plan options are available quickly online or by phone for staff facing job loss, part-time and contract workers joining your teams as well as all other members of your workforce regardless of age or existing health conditions. Health insurance makes healthcare accessible and economical. Contact a broker for more experienced guidance on your approach.

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