Every day you face competing HR demands and that means focusing on Psychological Health and Safety (PS&H) doesn’t always surface as a business-critical effort. But is it? Mounting employee mental health struggles and hiring challenges make the answer yes. But how can you assemble pieces to support the quality of working life, health, and the well-being of your workforce within budget and within easy reach of every employee for best utilization? Offering health insurance is a backbone to your PS&H program in three ways.

Health Insurance Helps You Get Started on Prevention

Focusing on effective delivery of health insurance benefits is a workable first step to establishing a PS&H basic support system. Your health insurance can take the form of group or individual plan offerings.

Fundamentally, it will provide protection from out-of-pocket costs for healthcare including dental care and prescription drugs. This financial support enables employees to better manage preventative healthcare, which when left unattended can increase physical health risk factors affecting psychological health like chronic disease.

With health insurance in hand, your employees can make a clear plan for learning about better health management and dealing with troubles they encounter. Health insurance plans continuously evolve to offer support tools that assist in prevention and support well-being including

  • Online exercise and nutrition tools
  • Convenient virtual care, online medical appointment scheduling, referrals, and prescription delivery depending on the plan you choose
  • Coverage for alternative therapies such as massage, acupuncture, and naturopathy.

Health Insurance Enables Promising Practices for Intervention

Health insurance delivers tools to help your employees pay for therapies to manage both physical and psychological stressors like chronic pain. Physical therapies like naturopathic doctors, massage performed by registered therapists and chiropractic adjustments can help release muscle tension, correct the body’s overall physical function, and offer relaxation techniques to help individuals manage stress.

For mental health support, many plans include tools to help employees manage anxiety and depression, so you can take control of your mental health. With interactive learning modules, tools, and optional coaching to help you develop positive coping strategies and reduce life-disrupting symptoms without the wait, they can start building skills to feel better today.

Health Insurance Enables Employees To Move Forward In Recovery

Ensure your employees are aware of how their health insurance plan delivers tools to help them deal with the expected and unexpected in life including virtual counselling. Prescription medication coverage may be a part of the solution they need to decrease their suffering from stress, and expenses for therapy with counsellors are reimbursed for both in person and virtual appointments.

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