New Canadians are an untapped emerging talent pool that can bring a wealth of skills, expertise, and experience to Canadian businesses. However, it’s important to understand the specific needs of this group to tap into their potential. One way you can do this is by using career management assessments as a tool for understanding what motivates new Canadians and how they can contribute to your organization’s success.

Tap into 1.2 million people in Canada as an untapped source of workers.

According to Employment and Social Development Canada, there are over 1.2 million people in Canada who don’t speak English or French as their first language. This represents 17% of all non-official language speakers in Canada.

The number of non-official language speakers has grown by 82% since 2001, while the total population has increased by only 14%. New Canadians have a wealth of talent and potential that can be harnessed for the wider benefit of Canadian businesses and economies. New Canadians are a valuable source of talent in Canada, and they can help businesses tap into emerging markets.

New Canadians bring with them new perspectives and ideas that can help your company grow. They also have the potential to build bridges between cultures and communities, which can be especially useful if your business is operating in multicultural cities such as Toronto or Vancouver.

If you’re looking for employees who speak multiple languages, new Canadians may be just what you need: almost half of all immigrants speak at least two languages fluently–and this number rises significantly when you consider those who arrived here before they were 12 years old (upwards of 60%!). This means there’s less chance of miscommunication between colleagues when working on projects together–which could mean fewer mistakes made by employees due to language barriers!

To tap into this talent pool, employers must provide resources that can help them navigate the Canadian workplace.

To tap into this talent pool, organizations must identify and meet the specific needs of new Canadians by providing information or other resources that can help them navigate the Canadian workplace and economy. Organizations must also be able to communicate with new Canadians in a language they understand.

New Canadians are an increasingly valuable source of talent and potential for organizations across Canada. By taking steps to support their integration into Canadian workplaces, companies can retain more skilled workers as well as attract new ones from around the world who may not have considered working here before.

Career assessments can help you understand what motivates new Canadians and how they can contribute to your organization’s success. A career assessment is a tool that uses standardized questions to evaluate an individual’s interests, values, skills and personality traits. It also provides insight into their work preferences and potential career paths. By understanding what motivates new Canadians, employers can better tap into emerging talent pools by providing opportunities for them to use those skills in meaningful ways within their organizations.

Career assessments also help employers identify the needs of this growing segment of the workforce – a task that becomes more important as Canada continues to welcome more immigrants every year (in 2016 alone over 300 000 permanent residents were admitted into Canada).

Career assessments help you understand what motivates new Canadians by capturing their personal values and goals. This information can be used in hiring, retention and succession planning efforts as it provides insight into how best to support the professional development of employees from diverse backgrounds.

Leverage Career Assessments to Build Your Own Talent Pools

There is no question that businesses are finding it hard to find talent, but career assessments are becoming a new sourcing strategy to attract talent.

Since career assessments provide insights into a worker’s personality and potential job fit, these assessments are being used by organizations as a resource to provide not only a positive service in their communities, especially emerging talent pools like campus recruitment, emerging leaders, and new Canadians. And, from these talent pools, companies are then using this intelligence to match candidates to jobs that fit them best.

Everyone wins – the candidate gets the free career advice they need to match to career paths that suit them best, and the employer wins by positively showcasing their employer brand and building a strong talent pool to predict a high potential applicant that match to their job openings.

Career assessments tap into what motivates emerging talent pools.

Career assessments can help you understand what motivates these emerging talent pools and how they can contribute to your organization’s success. These assessments provide an accurate assessment that will give insight into you’re your ideal applicants and providing help to those who want to work for a great organization like yours. Sometimes you must give and provide value to your communities so they can return the favour by contributing to the success of your company. There’s a lot of skilled workers out there especially in the emerging talent areas so why not offer career advice to help them find their true potential and improve your diversity in the workplace.

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