Conference Workshop

Let’s Flourish Together – Join the Mental Fitness Community of Practice

Why Mental Fitness?

To enhance our wellbeing and our capacity to lead

Recognizing our common humanity through storytelling, the ups and downs we all experience, is a powerful way of taking charge of our life.

We are all designed for extraordinary, and we deserve time for ourselves. We are not meant to be constantly tired and overwhelmed but vibrant and fueled by purpose. Let’s acquire and practice skills that will change our life.

The Benefits?

Community and support improves life satisfaction. With strengthened mental fitness, we experience peak performance, more energy, improved relationships and overall wellbeing.


  • The healing power of storytelling by sharing our humanity
  • Reflection time on where we are in our journey (survey options are being explored)
  • Sample a fun experience on how to brighten your day and increase positive affect
  • Overview of tools and skills the community of practice will engage with

Lorena Krasnai Caprar