Conference Session

What does it take to become an Employer of Choice – Measuring, Managing and Improving your employer brand

Time after time, our employee surveys are showing us that as many as 50% or more of employees in municipal organizations are considering working for another employer. At the same time, talent management and talent acquisition professionals are indicating that they are finding it increasingly difficult to attract new, qualified employees.

While the concept of an employer brand has been with us for many years, it tends to take a back seat to other municipal priorities when the labour market has been plentiful, but in a market such as the one we are experiencing today, it takes on over-riding importance.

But what is involved in properly measuring, managing, and most of all improving your employer brand?

Join Norm Baillie-David, a senior consulting associate with EPSI Inc, a human resources consulting firm specializing in psychometric measurement and employee engagement, and employer branding, who will present a new and innovative model to measure, manage and promote your employer brand, which includes both measurement and strategies to improve employee engagement, but also other key aspects such as employee and candidate perceptions around “Job purpose”, “Community Engagement” and “Social Responsibility”

The learning objectives of the session will include the following:

  • Learn the key themes that employees and candidates use to evaluate the attractiveness of your municipality as an employer of choice, as well as those that make the greatest contribution to retention and reduction of turnover risk.
  • Identify the key metrics and indices by which to measure and monitor the progress of your employer brand.
  • Identify how to position your employer brand in a very competitive marketplace, and especially how to successfully promote the value of non-monetary incentives to attract and retain employees; since many municipalities find themselves at a competitive disadvantage with regard to compensation compared to the private sector.
  • Develop a process to develop a Employer Branding action plan which works simultaneously on retention and attraction;
  • Learn how to work effectively with communication agencies to properly implement your employer brand strategy.

The presentation format will be a mixture of information presentation, together with case studies and actual employee survey results among Canadian municipalities, audience polling, interactive break-out discussion suitable for a hybrid (online and in-person) environment using fun and flexible on-line tools in combination with dynamic in-person approaches.

Norm Baillie-David, MBA, CAIP