Conference Speakers

Robert Dougan, M.A.

Founder/CEO, RAD Potential Advisory Inc.

Robert A. Dougan (i.e., R.A.D) is the founder and CEO of RAD Potential Advisory Inc.

Over the past two decades, Robert has consulted and worked closely with senior leaders from some of the largest Banks, and Insurance companies from across North America as well as several municipalities and not for profit organizations. Over his tenure, he has guided over 250 organizations helping them improve employee attraction, productivity and retention through effective recruitment marketing, pre-employment testing and development strategies saving these businesses anywhere between $250K to $60 Million dollars.

With his growing demand for his expertise in the talent community, he also shares his knowledge as a speaker and trainer where he has presented across North America, Europe, and South Asia.

The key to Robert’s success is he wants to be RAD at everything he does, and now he wants to help you find your ‘RAD Potential’.