Conference Session

Leading HR in Complex Times

The post-pandemic environment has created unprecedented expectations for workplace transformation, and many organizations are struggling to know what to do in these new complex times. Executives are looking to HR professionals to lead the transformation or at minimum guide executives on how to proceed, but there is very little precedent to know how to proceed. Many HR leaders ask: How do I articulate what it means to lead in complex times? What are the new expectations of HR leaders post-pandemic? How can I support the executive team through this transformation? Where do I start?

These unprecedented times create an urgency for HR leadership to radically shift its focus. Using the acronym F.O.C.U.S., Dr. David Weiss will spell out the changing expectations of HR leadership. This highly thought provoking and engaging keynote, based upon Dr. David Weiss’ books Leadership-Driven HR (Jossey-Bass), Innovative Intelligence (Wiley), and his subsequent research, analyzes the following:

  • What are the characteristics of our complex times that differentiate it from the past?
  • How can HR reframe its F.O.C.U.S. to continue to add value in our challenging times?
  • How can participants apply these approaches to their municipalities?

Dr. David Weiss