Conference Workshop

Demystifying Pre-Employment Testing

How to get the most out of pre-employment tests in your organization

Pre-employment testing is a gold standard when it comes to hiring candidates as well as for succession planning. A good pre-employment test, if used appropriately, will help organizations bring more on more diverse, engaged, productive and retained employees.

Let us help you demystify how to use pre-employment testing effectively in the talent identification and development process. Our goal in our 45-minute talk will help the audience understand:

  • The different types of assessments in the marketplace.
  • How to properly benchmark an assessment.
  • How it should be measured in the hiring process.
  • How to leverage it for development and succession planning.

Pre-employment assessments can be a valuable tool not just for recruitment, but if used correctly can and will help you build stronger teams, as well as identify top talent.

Robert Dougan, M.A.