Conference Session

Challenges and success factors in workforce mental health and business productivity

This session offers a compelling presentation of data, practical insights and discussion to support HR leaders in their critical understanding of mental health in today’s workforce.

In today’s environment, mental health issues are no longer only relevant to disability and absenteeism costs. The difference between organizations that thrive and those that languish, lies in the innovation, collaboration, discretionary effort and customer service offered by their people; all of which is impacted by their mental wellbeing. Given the acceleration of risk trends, however, the data clearly shows that the mental health concerns of the working population have become more complex, have impacted productivity, and are of greater concern for younger cohorts under 40 years of age.

Robust and validated data is provided by TELUS Health’s Mental Health Index (MHI), one of the largest databases of mental health assessments from a representative sample of 15,000 working individuals. With data collected from 2017 to date, and monthly in Canada since April 2020, it offers real-time insight into the risk level in workers, the impact of mental health on the workplace and the actions that make a difference.

Attendees with leave with:

  • A clear understanding of workplace mental health risks
  • Awareness of what aspects of culture align with better and poorer mental health
  • Insights into the factors that need to be addressed in order to evolve benefits and services to meet the current and emerging needs of employees
  • Access to the Workplace Strategy Index for Mental Health at no charge. This tool offers a self assessment to be completed by HR decision makers. It benchmarks their approach to workplace mental health and recommends their next best next steps. It was developed with input from established and well researched frameworks.