OMHRA Policy Database

Thanks to OMHRA members, since the Labour Relations Information System (LRIS) was developed, we have captured over 1100 collective agreements! We have over 400 current collective agreements and over 700 historical collective agreements; all searchable and reportable in our Labour Relations Information System (LRIS). And, now, to enhance the LRIS even more, we are including policy and benefits information regarding that group of employees not currently captured by LRIS - the non-union group. 

We all know how much time we spend gathering policies from other municipalities in order to avoid having to reinvent the wheel! We also know that what falls under a union in one municipality may fall under non-union in another. Now OMHRA members have the opportunity to access the LRIS system for both union and non-union information.  

Policy submission includes:

  1. Vacation
  2. Sick Leave
  3. Other Leave Policies any type of leave, such as Bereavement, Jury Duty, Leave of Absence, etc.
  4. Hours of Work
  5. Overtime
  6. Benefits
  7. Compensation  Salary Administration Policies: Acting Pay, Promotions/Salary Progression, Secondments/Temporary Salary Adjustments, Red Circling, Economic Adjustment, etc.
  8. Call Out/Stand-by pay
  9. Alternative Work Arrangements such as Flex Time, Compressed Work Weeks, etc.
  10. Code of Conduct

Other policies will follow in the future. Stay tuned!