Labour Relations Information SYSTEM (LRIS) Database

The Labour Relations Information System (LRIS) is an Internet based application that allows for the online storage, comparison and reporting of over 850  in force and historical collective agreements for hundreds of municipalities and local boards across Ontario. 

The LRIS is a remarkable  tool that allows users to search, compare and produce reports on specific agreement items, such as salary and benefit information, etc., within a specific municipality/local board, or between municipalities/local boards.   OMHRA members simply use their same OMHRA Member username (your email address) and password to access the LRIS database.    

The LRIS is reliant on the submission of labour documents and policies so to serve OMHRA members  better,  members can now have their collective agreements and minutes of settlement, arbitration awards, etc., and most recently, non-union policies, posted to the site by OMHRA staff. This is not only convenient for members but it also provides continuity in the posting of labour documents, expands the database and maintains the integrity of the LRIS. 

Drawing from the data provided, members also receive our annual  in-depth Bargaining Guidelines document to assist them in preparation for collective bargaining.